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The training program was well beyond my expectations. Real worldreliance really connected the examples, discussions, and lectures to current management situations. The instructor provided excellent examples and moving explanations of how people react and behave in the work place. Very impressive training. 

                                                                                                                                              Managing Director


„Good“ is not enough mark to describe the quality of this course. The impact this training already had is phenomenal. I am certain, that the impact that we have been in the past three days is only the tip of the iceberg. For me personally, I have gained a lot; a few example are: analysis of myself, connection with my peer managers, many, many ideas to improve my management skills. The impact goes beyond my professional life, it will effect my personal well being, my relationship with my loved ones, my ability to make the world better.

                                    Director Global Training


Gerry did an incredible job engaging the group and conveying his theory and concepts. Thank you.                           

                Managing Director



The training was excellent. I definitely learned a lot about myself. My personality and also how people around me perceive my actions. I hope I can take back all this information with me – use it to make me a better leader and manager.                                                                                         
                                                             General Manager


Excellent work by Gerald Hüsch. He kept us busy, learning and entertained all at the same time. He has a very good sense of humorand great public speaking skills. 

                                                                                             Managing Director    


This was a wonderful training. I learned so much about myself and some excellent management skills. Gerald was inspiring to me. He was able to lead a diverse group of people, which could normally be very challenging. I want to be a better leader. The tasks + practices were very helpful, showed me the value of communication, coaching and teamwork.
                                                                                                       Regional Manager



A unique viewpoint + style compared to many trainings I`ve attended. Very refreshing. Very eye-opening.
             Business Unit Manger


"Das Hüsch-Leadership-System? Ich habe es noch nie erlebt, dass es nicht alle Erwartungen übertrifft!  Sobald ich es nicht anwende, brauche ich einen besonders guten Tag."

Dr. Klaus Grellmann | Managing Director |  Germany |  Consulting
innogy Consulting


“When it comes to professional – for me Gerald is one of the best 'Leadership" experts in Europe and even in the world. His extremely wonderful motivational training and methodology can inspire anyone. He had conducted now the second corporate management training for us and my senior management team. It exceeded all expectations by far. 7 out of 5 stars. His methodology, experience and practical approach I find unparalleled and can’t remember having seen his profound ability anywhere else in my professional career.”  

Dr. PKC BOSE | General Manager

Gerald is one of the most amazing leadership trainers. It is all about instruments and applying them backed-up with solid evidence. And you can apply immediately what you have learnt and heart.
Andy Weymann | Vice President | Zürich Area | Switzerland | Medical Devices
Smith & Nephew | KLEOS Global (Medical Education) 

"Ich habe es noch nie erlebt, dass die Hüsch-Systematik nicht glanzvoll funktioniert.  Wenn ich sie nicht anwende, dann brauche ich einen guten Tag!"

Dr. Klaus Grellmann | Managing Director
innogy Consulting GmbH |  Essen 

"Hallo Gerald, Dein Kurs war definitiv einer der kurzweiligsten und anwendbarsten, den ich je hatte.  Danke.  Melde Dich bitte, wenn Du nach Paderborn kommst. Freue mich darauf."
Dr. Thorsten Andres, Vice President Development
BENTELER Steel/Tube GmbH


"Dear Gerald, I am very blessed to have had the good fortune of meeting you. Our paths were meant to cross.  You bring so much hope and optimism which inevitably spreads to everybody in your contact.  Wishing you all the best."  

Dr. Mohit Bhandahri, MD, PhD, FRCSC

 McMaster University, Canada


"I have had the pleasure to participate in a Leadership Program performed by Gerald Huesch. This has been the best program I have ever visited. Gerald is a top motivator, high energy person with a clear feel of people's being. He uses this ability to bring out the best in people,leading to people performing beyonf their own expectations. For me personally the Leadership Program by Gerald has made me perform at a much higher level, allowing me to leverage the performance of my team and motivating each Team Member to perform beyond their expectation while taking ownership of projects and key responsibilities. I sincerely recommend Gerald as multi-talented Trainer and Program Leader and will certainly visit more of his programs in the future."

Mark Monteiro, Head of Productmanagement EMEA, 

Invacara Corporation


"Gerald is a truly inspiring trainer, the spirit and energy which with Gerald provides training as well his ability to connect to both the group as each individual makes his training a life time lasting valuable experience. Thanks Gerald!"

Maurice Klaver, Board Member

Woningborg Group


"I have recently attended a training on "transformation & leadership" held by Gerald. It was the best training session I have ever had. Gerald is a very experienced and energetic person with great communication skills. I would recommend this training to everyone. Good job, Gerald!"

Yuecel Karabulut, Director Productmanagement



“Gerald Huesch has been involved as leadership trainer/coach at Prion India. The tools and techniques provided by Gerald provide a solid foundation for the Prion India leadership team to speak common management language.  These tools additionally help to reach ’over exceeding customer expectations’ state and still keep all employees highly motivated. Prion India is looking forward for continuous leadership coaching from Gerald in the future. 

Ehsan Shariff | General Manager | Prion PLM & IT Services Pvt. Ltd. | IT | BANGALORE| INDIA

“I would like to term your session at Saertex, Pune, as a major turning point in my life as I had mentioned in feedback session. I was under perception (wrong one) that I need to improve only may be 10 %. Your session has given me scope of 5-6 times in personal, family , social , 3professional and spiritual aspects of life. I'd be forever thankful to you for having made such difference!!!”
Divyanand D Deshbhandari | Senior Manager | Saertex Excellence Center | SAERTEX INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED | PUNE | INDI

“Dear Gerald, this is my overview about the relevance and benefits of your - Leadership & Collaboration-System used within Festo.”

1.“Increases productivity at all levels - by a multiple factor.”

2.“Highest clarity - lowest misunderstanding from the CEO to the shop floor.

3.“Reliable responsiveness to markets, customers, internal and external stakeholders.

4.“Improved target-achievement ratio: Lower replenishment lead time. Lower production cost. Increased Delivery InTime - InBudget – InQuality.”

5.“Problems will come much faster to the surface and to the right person, before it becomes critical.”

6.“Less waste / less blind work / less double work.”

7.“Less frustration - improved health of all - increased motivation and pride to belong.”

8.“A unique performance climate and corporate culture.”

9.“Transformation with new attitude and behaviour culture - worldwide.”

10. “Easy to handle. Easy to implement. Plug & Play.”

11. “Highly effective. In all thinkable settings, structures and sizes of teams and projects.”

12. “Globally applicable – across hierarchies, all levels and silos as well as in a matrix organisations”.

13. “Interculturally valid.”

14.“A joy to use.”

Vorstand, CJ, Boardmember



„Ich finde die Teilnahme aller Führungskräfte sehr wichtig, weil wir damit ein gemeinsames Verständnis über Führung erreichen und die gleichen Werkzeuge und Vorgehensweisen anwenden können. Dies vermittelt bei unseren Mitarbeitern ein Gefühl von Klarheit und trägt sicher dazu bei, die Qualität der Zusammenarbeit maßgeblich zu erhöhen. Nebenbei sind die einzelnen Tools bei der täglichen Arbeit richtig gut und erfolgreich anwendbar, wie wir in unserem Bereich schon mehrmals gemeinsam feststellen konnten.“

Rolf Feldweg, Leiter Betriebsmittelmanagement



“Mr. Huesch conducted training for our team on "Transformation and Leadership". I found the course material and his style to be very engaging, informative and relevant - ke kept the team involved & motivated from the beginning to the end. He is deeply knowledgeable about his subject matter and knows how to deliver the information in a way that is pertinent to his audience.”

Shivana Govil | Vice President, Business Analytics Solutions  Corporate Strategy, M&A and Strategic Partnerships/Alliances | 



“Gerald was surprisingly quickly able to find out strengths and weaknesses of

our organization and adapted his training accordingly - helping

me to better understand how to improve things.”

Steffen Klewitz | Strategic Marketing Director 

SAP | Waldorf | Germany | IT


“Best leadership and communication training I experienced in my life. Lot of wonderful tips to use in the day to day life and business to improve efficiency and reduce stress.”

Omar Orrego | President - South Europe | Portugal |


“Gerald masterfully translates his outstanding leadership skills and passion for business into highly motivating and inspiring training/coaching sessions. A pleasure to work with!”

Camilla Heinzmann, Director, Global Scientific Training | L.A. | Biotechnology

Qiagen,Washington, USA


"Das Training vermittelt viele einfach und sofort anwendbare Tools, um sicher und effektiv mit den häufigsten Themen der Mitarbeiterführung professionell umgehen zu können. Und das auf sehr anschauliche Weise und mit viel Spaß.“

Bernhard Richter, Leiter Leistungszentrum Grossserienventile



Dear Mr. Huesch,

I’m Madeleine Feng, and work in Festo Logistics Service Center, Jinan, China. I’m really really honoured to have the opportunity could have a half day to learn your art your knowledge, your charming stage style and your toughed words! I feel already evocated by the concept in this morning. But unfortunately, due to work arrangement, I couldn’t learn more and don’t have the opportunity to have the rest content of your class. But, I really do hope I could have the whole package knowledge and looking forward to read from you! Best Regards!

Madeleine Feng, Festo Production Ltd., China, Jinan

“To have Gerry leading a leadership training was a great experience. The way he managed our multicultural group was magic. Tough on the subject to achieve results, but gentle to everybody on the group. After more than one month it´s still easy to remember the exercises from the training and it´s fun to use them in business practice to improve communication and performance.” 

Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

Mathias Meissner 


“We hired Gerald for our leadership-training some weeks ago. Before starting this one-week workshop we all have been one-man-shows without playing and acting as a real team. Gerald and his partner Urs in this workshop have choosen the right "instruments" (sport, mental training, management tools, personal feedbacks, process related games) in order to build up a team-spirit. And it worked! During this week we have opened our mind and have taken the first and right steps to become a leadership-team and to improve our individual personality in terms of communication with a team/our colleagues and ourselves. We are highly interested in taking part at the second part of this workshop next year. Thanks Gerald, thanks Urs.” 

Top qualities: Personable , High Integrity , Creative

Daniela Moellers

Lufthansa Air PLus 


“Gerald Huesch has the ability to connect individually with each member of a group and align all of them towards a better management team. His behavior is always authentic. Gerald is emotionally involved and part of the group. His methods and his bulletproof life-examples are holding the test of reality and are easy to understand. I am strongly convinced that the success of a training depends highly from the facilitator, and for me, Gerald Huesch, is on the top of league - not only on the leadership competence scale but as well on the human side scale. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Thank you and best wishes

Marlies Moemel


“When our management team entered Gerald´s training we have been more or less a team – but more a team of inviduals working together with a great success than a 'real team'. Gerald teached us extremely useful techniques to become better leaders, better persons and last but not least a better team. During our 5 day leadership workshop Gerald brought us to a new level of team spirit and each one of our management team loads of input and individual feedback to increase their leadership skills.” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Lars Schmidt    


“Gerald is a great person, trustworthy, consistent and as well a good integrator.”

Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , Good Value

Ralf Heller, Leiter, Personal



“Gerald is a great leadership trainer providing excellent support to each individual during his consultations. All experiences learnt can be transferred in your day to day life very easily. Looking forward to my next cooperation.”

Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Creative

Carsten Arntz



“Gerald provided leadership development for both our senior leadership team and our more junior leaders in the company. His sessions were among the most top rated in the program. Gerald had a deep knowledge of the subject matter and was very nimble in his ability to customize the topic to the ability level and interest of the group. He brings an energy and intensity to the training that draws everyone into the topic and makes the time fly. Rare these days, Gerald truly cares about his clients and each and every participant.”

Top qualities: Personable , Expert , Creative

Derry Velardi


“Gerald is truly dedicated motivator and a very open minded and trustful partner. I really

enjoyed my time with him as a trainer in several Boston Business School courses.”

Jens Steen , Director Sales Planning & Programming/Promotions , QVC Deutschland Group 


“Called "Business Consultant" but additionally full of impacted with personal supportive ideas  and tools. Participating in his courses is an experience and not a duty. You leave with plenty of  energy and a good feeling. Top Manager, Group Leader and Employees will be enriched by his courses.” Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , Creative

Kopp Anja 


“I had a group level and a face to face training with Gerald on General Leadership and some more detailed topics. Both training units were absolutely outstanding. Gerald has an excellent expertise and knows how to teach in a way it will not get forgotten in the next days of regular business.” Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Expert

Stößer, Robert



“I attended a seminar where Gerald Hüsch presented a very important and essential part

concerning excellent business performance and leadership. He really has an inspiring and

motivating character with very high values. I admire his way of tackling problems and coming to the crucial point very fast. If you have to solve a major problem in your organization or want to  develop it further, he is the person to contact.” 

Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , High Integrity

Maximilian Mairhofer, Senior Manager




“Working with Gerry as trainer and coach for effective leadership can only be described in three words: Inspiring, focused and profound! Thank you for it.” 

Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , Creative

Sascha Maurer 


“Gerald is a great coach and his style of supporting each individual by sorting out his/her

personal gaps and goals is outstanding.”

Top qualities: Great Results , Good Value , Creative

Norbert Rickert 

“Gerald is passionate about his work and translates that passion to his teaching. His is engaging and professional in his delivery which makes it easy to apply his work within your professional  and personal life.” Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Expert

Mike Kalac 

“I attended a leadership training program taught by Gerald and came away incredibly

impressed by his expertise and insight into leadership, and his ability to teach, train , develop people on the same. This would for me be without doubt one of the best programs that I have attended, and one that I got most value from, in many years of management experience.” Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Expert

Sunil Balagopal 

“I attended a leadership seminar led by Gerald Huesch in 2007. I believe he is a master in his

field. Three key components of his overall presentation stood out. One, the amount of personal

training and research that Gerald has completed to become an expert was clear immediately and throughout the seminar. Two, Gerald showed a tremendous talent for perceiving his audience’s needs and adapting each individual answer as well as daily class agendas accordingly. Three, Gerald is able to teach technical skills and tools while also inspiring class members to strive for excellence. I recommend Gerald as an expert and a facilitator in the field of leadership development.” 

Top qualities: Expert , High Integrity , Creative

Daisy Dix 



"Highly recommended - eye opening - great stories." Managing Director


"I felt enlightened regarding regarding having a structure with tools to develop my leadership abilities" Vice President


"Very interesting. It gave me what I needed and what I seek." Product Development Manager


"I have been positively surprised by this training, since I had different expectations. One of the most surprising findings I made is that some of the tools can be also applied to my personal life since personal and professional life complements each other for mutual improvement. I also love the practice, the homework and the repetition of exercises and stimulus to continue the learning process." Vice President 


"Pro-active managing of the course and the topics. I got impressions / informations I did not know before, or never thought about. This is very important for me as a leader. Thanks Gerald." Director


"I get a lot of insight in how my behavior influence other and how others influence me. I now feel that I am trained /not lectured/ on how I can control that. I liked the tools and philosophy and I am sure I can use it often." Head of Development


"How were the 4 days? Very positive. I liked particularly: We learnt a lot of tools. -The way you tell stories. - Having the same homework each day allowed me to see the improvements from one time to the other. - Meeting others guys who have other roles & competencies." Vice President



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