Gerald Hüsch














Gerald Hüsch, Senator, +49 172 44 88 511


Founder, Owner - Global Leadership School

Founder, Owner - Z I B Zurück in den Beruf, zert. Bildungsträger

Investor, Partner  - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Stressdiagnostik & Prävention

Senator - Senat der Wirtschaft


Senior Expert  -  Zürich International Business School -ZIBS-

Senior Expert  -  Human Ressources International AG -HRIAG-


Member: The Science Advisory Board 

Member: Internationaler Club im Auswärtigen Amt

Member: Soho House

Member: Deutsch-Indische Handelskammer

Member: Deutsch-Ungarische Gesellschaft in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland e.V.



Director - Institut Leadership & Change - Boston Business School AG, Schweiz

Director - Institut Asia-Pacific & Global Business Development - Boston Business School AG, Schweiz

Lecturer - FH-Ravendsburg-Weingarten, FH-Nürtingen, FHTE-Esslingen, FH-Nordwestschweiz

Board Member - Dt. Management Gesellschaft e.V.- DMG

Member:  Global Speakers Federation, German Speaker Association, TOP 100 Speaker, Berlin Capital Club


EXPERTISE Evidence-based system for leadership and collaboration:

  1. Implementing World Class Leadership Standards
  2. Transformation + Leadership & Collaboration
  3. Strategy + Leadership & Collaboration
  4. Special projects + accompanying project teams responsible for company-critical large-scale projects. 

Implementing World Class Leadership Standard

Worldwide: Plant manager and subordinate management - manufacturing industry (2-3 billion Euro companies)

Worldwide: Purchasing managers and subordinate management companies - manufacturing industry (2-3 billion Euro companies)

Europe & Middle East: Inhouse Consulting Company (business partner, senior consultants, junior consultants) - energy industry (> 30 billion Euro company)

Worldwide: mini-MBA, directors level, financial services providers, banking industry (5 billion Euro companies)

Germany: One of the four largest accounting firms

Germany: Leadership - Influence Instead of Power - Manufacturing Industry (7 billion Euro companies)

Germany: World Class Leadership Standards (Big player in the Fashion Industry)


Transformation + Leadership & Collaboration

Russia: EUR 500m investment in transformation - paper industry (6bn companies)

Europe: 250 million Euro spin-off - manufacturing industry

Germany: Company-wide growth initiative - pharmaceutical industry.


Strategy + Leadership & Collaboration

Germany: Strategic Growth Initiative and Implementation, Hospitality Industry (8000 employees)


Special Projects + Accompanying project-teams responsible for company-critical large-scale projects

Germany: Senior manager - pharmaceutical industry (15 billion euro project responsibility)

Germany: Special pilot project of large scale production for their potential new customer (Major mobile phone manufacturer)


  • Banker
  • Master in Economics. (Specializing in: International Business & Management, Management, Organization & Project Management), FH-Nürtingen
  • Certified Trainer: Process Communication Model, from and through Dr. Taibi Kahler, Little Rock, Arkansas
  • Certified Expert: Group Leadership Dynamics, by and by Michael Grinder, Bavaria, Germany
  • Certified Expert: Respectful Performance Coaching, from and through Michael Grinder, Bavaria, Germany
  • Certified Expert: The Power of Influence, by and by Michael Grinder, Bavaria, Germany
  • Certified Analyst of Thematic Apperception Test, by Dr. Bradford Spencer, student of Prof. Dr. McClelland (Harvard University), L.A., USA
  • Trainer for Leadership Process Motivating Achievement, from and through Dr. Bradford Spencer, L.A., USA (about 4 years: beginner's stage, intensive studies, co-trainer and co-consultant, trainer and consultant)
  • Certified Leadership Consultant of the ISVOR-DILTS Leadership Model, by and by Robert Dilts
  • Certified Business English Teacher, through London Chamber of Commerce, Cambridge & London
  • Certified trainer for the Intercultural M.U.S.I.C model, from and through Ian Percy
  • Certified SRUM MASTER