My goal is the best leadership system of the world.














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H I G H - R I S E

We shall not compromise on leadership and collaboration!


"Solving executive leadership- and collaboration-problems globally - thats my ambition. A better leadership for a better world - my calling! The best leadership system of the world - my responsibility."


People invest month and years of their professional life on important endeavors, and corporate critical projects - with all their passion, time, energy and their best ideas. 


They have to withstand setbacks and cope with the complex challenges and processes. Every employee has earned the best possible boss, who protects them from frustrating confusion, countless unproductive meetings, expensive double, blind and empty work, and creates a climate of excellence - a healthy climate of peak performance, without burnout and stress-induced illness - in which all who are involved can say, 'I am proud to belong - and do my utmost best'.


Creating an easy-to-use system was the goal. THE Hueschi*-SYSTEM. It should be able to solve several complex problems at the same time and ensure that, when it is reliably and disciplined, the ideal management behavior, the ideal communication and the best possible cooperation is generated automatically - across all areas, hierarchies and countries! 


"I have been fortunate enough to train more than 10'000 managers globally in the last 20 years - and accompanied many of them through their toughest endeavors. Listening carefully what they are reporting, -to my critical option- THE BEST LEADERSHIP SYSTEM IN THE WORLD has been established. On a daily basis it solves today's biggest most important problems of thousands executives at once! "


THE SYSTEM OF LEADERSHIP & COLLABORATION is very ambitious, because it requires a high degree of discipline, yet is absolute easy to apply, operates globally - is coherent and incomprehensible. Additionally highly emotional and in sum unique and revolutionary. A must for world class leadership teams. WARNING: At the beginning, the existing leadership approach is also confronted with one 's own fear and uncertainty that no one can hide behind a vague and ambiguous management, because this kind of new leadership can now be measured. Then quickly they recognize that the NEW SYSTEM, releases a very special energy that gives them and their teams a unique freedom and not only a fantastic solution provider but delivers the power of results that they have never before experienced. And yes, it is also evidence-based.



How we deliver top performances and then outgrow of ourselves is not to be left to chance!


Then THE SYSTEM comes to life -

Then the boss becomes stylistic -

The culture and time ahead -

In his and her way!



This results in results which previously seemed inaccessible.


Welcome to Your

Global Leadership School



Gerald Hüsch +49 172 44 88 511


The Global Leadership School is offering Leadership MasterClasses to consultants and trainers too - but does not want to establish consultants, trainers and lecturers within the Global Leadership School. The Leadership School benefits from the fact that outstanding trainers and consultants are equipped with the SYSTEM of the Global Leadership School and meet for special projects in order to provide their expertise in a bundled form. The certificates of the MasterClass programs are not state-accredited certificates - but they are established on a eye on eye world level with Harvard, INSEAD and the St. Gallen Management Schools if not surpassing the existing standards.

Award Winning: Global Leadership Eduction Program 2017.

 * Longtime customers names it kindly "Hueschi-System / Hueschi-Tools"