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    our aspiration is to strive to be one of the most progressive and most effective Leadership Forges of the world. Specializing on International Top and Middle Managements, we are meeting the most important Business & Leadership challenges of our time with motivation, method, responsibility and resolution, like for instance:

    Worldwide investigation of Evidence Based Leadership & Evidence Based Management in order to unite Theory & Practice in a pragmatically relevant way on a high efficiency level.

    Systematic Networking of globally available Leadership Knowledge & regionally practiced Leadership Skills within the realms of economy, politics, and culture.

    Sustained ensuring of the best possible Leadership quality along with a Healthy Performance Organization as warrant for a higher Living Standard, a better Quality of Life, and more Vitality.

    We thank everybody, who contributed and work daily anew to sustainably realize the perspective

    "A better Leadership for a better World"

    and invite you obligingly to participate in this.

    "Be part of it."